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Xiaomi is coming to Pakistan

Xiaomi in Pakistan

Xiaomi, a well known Chinese mobile phone manufacturer who is famous for its high end and low priced mobile phones is finally officially coming to Pakistan with collaboration to CheezMall PVT LTD. Of course, you can read about the firm on its official website, but it is also useful to compare it with other firms and models, contact top writing service which can find relevant information for you.

While some of Xiaomi’s phones are already available in Pakistan through different online shopping stores, all international models will be available at international price after official launch of Xiaomi in Pakistan.

Not all models of Xiaomi are available for all markets because they are not shipped outside China due to unavailability of Play Store and other specifications that are specific to Chinese market only.


According to sources, contract between CheezMall and Xiaomi has been signed and launch is expected early in April.

In addition, Xiaomi accessories will also be available in Pakistan through CheezMall, after official launch.

While we are not sure about prices, we are told that all models will be sold at international prices in Pakistan.

Cheez Mall would be distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan and all the orders will be delivered in approx 3-5 days.

It is a good news of Xiaomi users because after official launch, in addition to better prices, warranties and after sale services will also be offered to users.


Here is the list models that are available in India and will also be in Pakistan after official launch.

Redme series:

  • Redme Note 3
  • Redme Prime
  • Redme Note Prime

Mi Series:

  • Mi 4
  • Mi 4i

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