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Android N features : All confirmed features of Android N

Android N features

Android N features : All confirmed features of Android N

As you know Google has surprised us by releasing Android N Developer Preview version two months earlier than expected, on 9th March instead of in May.
So here we are with the information about this version which you need to know.
This article will include all confirmed features.
Please note that some of features can be removed from final release.

Let’s have a deep look into new features.

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The new settings menu:
Android N is coming up with new settings menu. The section dividers are removed. The change also include a suggestions menu. The ‘hamburger’ menu is again in, which provides top level settings menu. One of the best feature in revamped settings menu is that it now provide basic settings of all sections in main menu. For example, rather than have to enter the Wi-Fi menu to see which network you’re connected to, Android N displays that information in the top-level settings menu. Notifications and sound are now in their own dedicated section.
New settings menu in Android N New settings menu in Android N

Multi Window support:

One of the greatest feature is the support of multi window, or you can say multi tasking. Now you can run multiple apps side by side. Developers can add support to their apps, after added support, apps can be opened side by side. Developers will also be able to set minimum window size for their apps. A new picture-in-picture mode is added that works like minimized video in YouTube.

Multi Window support in Android N

New two tier Doze mode:

Doze mode was added in Marshmallow and become favourite of everybody. As we were predicting, this feature is now improved with two tier system. One tier works just like it was in working in Marshmallow. Whenever your phone laying without any motion, it will go into a deeper hibernation mode, reducing battery consumption. The second tier ( which actually is the first one ) is activated whenever your phone’s screen is off, whether the phone is stationary or not.

Improved tablet support:

The new Android N provides better support for tablet devices.
“We are working hard on a range of enhancements for this form factor.” A statement during Reddit AMA by Pixel C team.
But looking at developer preview release, we could not find any tablet friendly thing other than Multi Window support.

Ability to change display size:

The new Android N allows you to change the display size of your device. Go to display settings ( Settings > Display ) and slide the slider to adjust DPI settings.

New quick settings/notification shade panel:

Android N comes with a new quick settings/notification shade panel. A small arrow present at the right hand side will open up the full Quick Settings panel.
You’ll now see a thin strip of toggles at the top of the notifications shade for frequently used things like Do Not Disturb, Wi-Fi, battery and the flashlight. Some of these can be toggled on and off directly, while others will take you to a sub-menu.
You can now edit which icons should appear in quick settings. Developers are now able to create their own custom Quick Settings icons.
Distinct cards are removed from notifications. Notification area is now flatter as a thin line separates individual notifications. However, cards will stack as before when you go to quick settings. The ability to respond notifications directly from notification shade is also there.

Notification and quick settings in Android N


New recent apps menu:

Recent apps menu in new Android version is also improved. Double tapping the square button will switch you to between last used app and current app. While you are in the recent apps list, tapping the recent apps button again will cycle you through your most recently used apps one by one. If you let the small countdown slider expire, the app will go full-screen. If you long press the recent app button, multi window mode will be launched.

Watch video for more.

Revamped app optimization:
The new version of Android, Android 7.0, is coming with faster app optimization. It will use Android runtime ( being used from Lollipop ) instead of Dalvik runtime. Before this, apps were compiled at first time boot, but now things have changed. now apps will be compiled upon first time launch, and then will be stored into memory. This will make reboots faster.

Dark mode is back:

We have seen dark mode in the preview release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it was removed in the final release. Now with Android 7.0, dark mode is back. It also has some new features like tint control, means that now you can control blue light of your display screen.

Dark mode in Android N


Data Saver feature:

Android N brings a all new data saver feature. When data saver is enabled, it will stop background syncing on cellular networks. You can also white-list specific apps from being stopped.

Lock screen emergency info:

Android 7.0 also enables you to put your emergency info on the lock screen. Such as your emergency contact number, E-mail address, blood group and other important info needed if you met an accident. This feature is really very useful.

Lock screen emergency info in Android N


Improved number blocking and call screening:

Android N has improved number blocking and call screening. Now number blocking and call screening is the stock feature of Android.

Use of OpenJDK instead of Java APIs:

Google moving to OpenJDK from Java. OpenJDK is a part of open source Java Development Kit.
“We plan to move Android’s Java language libraries to an OpenJDK-based approach, creating a common code base for developers to build apps and services.” a statement by Google.

OpenJDK instead of Java APIs in Android N

Android Beta Program:

The new Android Beta Program will take off the hassle of flashing factory images to access the developer preview of Android. Signup for Android Beta Program, add your device, and you are done to get beta releases over-the-air.

So these were the confirmed features of up coming version of Android.

Did I miss anything ? Let me know in the comments.
Also tell our visitors about your views on new features.

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